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Comprehensive Pre and Post-Surgical Care in children with Cleft Lip and/ or Palate"

Management of the children with a cleft is best carried out by a multi-disciplinary team of
healthcare professionals from birth through to adulthood. It has been recommended by the
Steering Group on Cleft Lip and Palate that the care of children with clefts should be carried
out by a team whose members are able to provide a comprehensive service including
surgical, dental care, audiology, speech and language, counseling, and clinical genetics
Children having Cleft Lip and Palate have specific needs with regard to their oral health
which can be identified at different stages of dental development, from birth to the adult
years. Based on the stages of dentition the orthodontic treatment can be divided into
presurgical orthopedics,  primary dentition, mixed dentition, and permanent dentition. Some
of the commonly seen dental issues involve multiple teeth, missing teeth, microdontia,
hypodontia, ectopic teeth, crown and root malformation, etc. In recent years, the oral health
professional’s role has evolved with the rise of early orthopedic treatment of the predentate
infant. Thus the role of an oral health professional in a multidisciplinary cleft lip and palate
team is pivotal as they address the preventive and restorative needs of the child.