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A joint venture by National Institute of Speech & Hearing & Directorate of Social Justice, Govt. of Kerala

Be A Speaker

NIDAS invites subject experts and practitioners in the field of Disability to be a ‘Speaker of NIDAS’ and give awareness regarding the connotations of disability to the unaware parents and caretakers of the differently abled children. Through which we can eradicate the myths and misconceptions about the disabilities among the parents, and train them to create a healthy and supportive environment for their ward.

  • To create awareness on various type of disability
  • To provide a platform for discussion on the various issues encountered by the parents/ caregivers
  • To provide information about the rehabilitation centers, service providers and contact personals.
General guidelines:
  1. To be a speaker, you need to submit:
    1. Powerpoint presentation of the session
    2. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) of the topic
    3. Vocational Paper
  2. The documents and queries has to be sent to the mail id :
  3. The documents shall be thoroughly examined by the Technical Evaluation Cell(TEC), and the registrants shall be intimated for corrections and clarifications, if required.
  4. The corrected documents should be submitted within the stipulated time
  5. The images and video clipping used in the mentioned documents should be free of copyright issues
  6. The remuneration of Rupees Two Thousand Five Hundred Only shall be paid to the speakers after the session
  7. The documents shall be either English/Malayalam as per the convenience of the speaker. The sessions has to be handled in Malayalam
  8. FAQs should include questions generally asked by parents and caretakers on the topic of the session
  9. VOC is a write up on the chosen topic not exceeding 500 words
  10. Time Schedule for submission of documents

SL. No Document Submission time
1 Powerpoint Presentation 30 days before the day of presentation
2 FAQ 3 weeks before the day of presentation
3 VOC 3 weeks before the day of presentation