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Importance of Personality Development for Children with Disabilities

Every child has a unique personality with which he or she is born, but the surroundings in which the child grows, plays a major role in shaping their personality. Parents, teachers, and caregivers have a perpetual responsibility to influence the child in developing positive personality traits.  When it comes to children with different disabilities, they often experience rejection, fear of failure and social deprivation leading to personality traits that may impede their ability to learn and predispose them to depression. In such a situation they require special care, treatment and education.  There are many facets to a child’s personality beginning with their own confidence, courage, and self-esteem to how they treat and respect others. Between the age of three and six, you can see the personality of your child developing. This is the right time to inculcate in them some values and practices that grooms them into positive individuals.