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A joint venture by National Institute of Speech & Hearing & Directorate of Social Justice, Govt. of Kerala

NIDAS (NISH Online Interactive Disability Awareness Seminar) held on “Identification & Management of Learning Disability” on 16th February 2019

NISH with the support of Directorate of Social Justice organized an online seminar on “Identification & Management of Learning Disability” on 16th February 2019, Saturday from 10.30 am to 12.50 pm, which was handled by Dr. Jamila K Warrier, Consultant Psychologist, Holistic Medicine, KIMS Hospital, Thiruvananthapuram.

This seminar was webcasted live & online at DCPUs of all Districts. Participants could make out a clear picture of the Learning Disability. Learning Disability is a neurological problem which affects how a person receives & process information collected. Individuals with Learning Disability may have a problem with reading, writing, maths, distance & directions. They understand things in a different way which makes everyday tasks difficult for them. They need to be helped to learn things in an easier way. Early identification and proper management are crucial in Learning Disability.