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A joint venture by National Institute of Speech & Hearing & Directorate of Social Justice, Govt. of Kerala

Stroke: Warning signs and rehabilitation
Identification & management of Learning Disability
Global Developmental Delay: What more we can do?
Leprosy: Facts everyone should know
Epilepsy in Children
Rehabilitation of children with Spinal Dysraphism
Communication: Methods other than Speech
Hearing Loss: Its Genetic Causes & Management Options
Clubfoot Deformity and Its Treatment
Social protection of Differently Abled
How to help parents of children with Intellectual Disability
Management of Children with Low Vision
Stroke and its Rehabilitation
Muscle Diseases And Its Rehabilitation
Management in children with Specific Language Impairment
Assistive Technology for Visually Impaired
Long term follow-up of Down Syndrome
Speech and Language disability among children with epilepsy
Importance of Physiotherapy and Occupational therapy in children with hand functioning impairment
Disaster Preparedness Among People with Disabilities with specific reference to Intellectually Impaired
Osteogenesis Imperfecta- Identification, and Habilitation
Specific Learning disability- Early Identification and Intervention
Niramaya Health Insurance Scheme
Commonly seen ear infection in childhood
Need and importance of Auditory Verbal Therapy in habilitation /rehabilitation of children with hearing impairment
Cochlear Implantation in young children with Deafness-Audiological and Habilitation Perspectives
Act & Laws
Hearing Impairment and amplification devices
Common Voice disorders
Management of children with Deafblindness
Speech sound disorder in children and its management
Importance of Early Intervention for children with Hearing Impairment
Development of Reading and Writing in children
CP: Importance of Speech & Language Intervention
CEREBRAL PALSY-Importance Of Physiotherapy
ASRD: ​An introduction to management of Behavioral Challenges for Parents
Intellectual Disability: Challenges for Parents
Stuttering: Methods to Cope and Therapy Strategies